DU On Michael Kelly’s Death Part 2

DU On Michael Kelly’s Death Part 2: Neal Boortz & Marni Soupcoff of “The American Enterprise Online” both talked about the ACPOTI article I did on the Democratic Underground’s reaction to Michael Kelly’s death.

Well, some people at the DU got wind of it and here are some of the comments from the now deleted thread. At first, there was some people who thought that a bunch of “Freepers” were responsible….

unblock: anybody know how many posts the quoted duers have? it’s entirely possible for a freeper to come over and spout nonsense, then have some paper pin his posts on all of us….

AntiFascist: I wouldn’t doubt if its a bunch of closet freepers.

Yes, it all must be a “Freeper plot” because people on the Democratic Underground wouldn’t do such a thing. Then the long knives came out…

NewYorkerfromMass (4413 posts): I stand by my comments even the deleted ones. And I stand by a number of the others, including, most notably: jack swift’s. How can any logical person not see the appropriateness of someone meeting their own death due to an action they personally lobbied for, despite the fact that that very action meant death for others?

norml (987 posts): Now if only Jack Hawkins would go to Iraq,Syria,Iran,ect. Though the right wing would hardly miss his grade B,wanna be web site.

Patriot_Spear (1058 posts): …Wait until the death of some Neocon bigwig or mouthpiece; I’ll be throwing a party.

What is so wrong with celebrating the passing of these un-American, fascist conservatives? They are BAD people! Did we cry when Stalin died? Did we cry when they took Norieaga away? Did we cry when they forced Nixon from office? NO!

Think of it this way; There will be some Iraqi’s who will be relieved at the destruction of the Bath’ party. I see no reason to hold back when the tools of oppression meet their own mortality.

I do NOT wish injury on anyone. That being said I do have a short list of Neocon’s whom I think the world would be a better place without.

KoKo01: So, a couple of “blurbs” from far RW Webpage Sites! Not going to get knickers in knot over this………BUT! This is how the RW Ann Coulter’s started……so GOOD FOR US!!! I wish I had really SLAMMED that F***’n Piece of NO GOOD, Kelly for the RW BLATHER he produced for the WP!!!!

He wasn’t a “journalist.” He was an “Operative.”‘

To be fair, not all of them felt the same way. There seemed to be a couple of people who didn’t agree and some others who were concerned about the bad publicity — which is an improvement over the usual for the DU…

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