DU Poll: Do You Hate “Neocons”? Or Do You Even Hate People Who Tolerate “Neocons”? By Ace

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Frankly, I see this situation as so important that I do not cultivate or initiate friendships or even associations with Neocons if I can avoid it.

I will tolerate opposing points of view (such as TRUE conservatism) if it is not accompanied by support for the Pig Bush.

I have no Neocon FRIENDS. I no longer associate with Neocon RELATIVES. Support for the Pig Bush is not something I feel the need to tolerate anymore. I have to admit, if I know that you have Neocon FRIENDS, I may even avoid YOU.

This is not a matter of opinion anymore: we as “liberals” or anyone in opposition to the Neocon NeoNAZIS are the New Jews, and they would GLADLY put us in the camps if they could get away with it; make no mistake.

Andy the Squirrel says that many of the comments are “strangely sexual” in nature.

I didn’t find any of those yet — not exactly — but I did find this. Apparently a leftoid woman is annoyed that her boyfriend won’t propose to her. Turns out it must be because he’s a dirty Jew “neocon:”

My *sshole of a…

“permanent” fiance is a neocon, big time. So much for morals-he has no problem in continuing to live together and not get married. His decision, not mine. F*CKING HYPOCRITES, THAT IS WHAT ALL OF THE NEOCONS ARE!


Strong. Smart.


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