Entitlements or Strength?

by Van Helsing | August 21, 2008 10:20 am

The WSJ[1] connects the dots between Obamenomics and military weakness:

Given the hearty support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama received in Europe last month, he must have noticed the surprise and skepticism among some Germans when he asked that Europeans contribute more for defense. Many Europeans argue they cannot afford such an additional expenditure.

Better even to be as dependent on the endlessly demonized USA as a baby bird on its mother than to try to pay for military strength they cannot afford, having squandered their wealth on entitlement programs that politically are easy to grant but almost impossible to repeal.

Obama would put us in the same boat, except that America will have no protector to turn to:

The problem with Mr. Obama’s fiscal plans is not that that they lack vision. On the contrary, the vision is plain enough: a larger welfare state paid for by higher taxes. The problem is not even that they imply change. The problem is that his plans are statist.

While the candidate is sending a fiscal “Ich bin ein Berliner” message to Americans, European critics of his call for greater spending on defense are the canary in the coal mine for what lies ahead with his vision for the United States.

The Obamessiah doesn’t need to call so openly[2] for killing our military by cutting its air hose. His policy of taxing the productive to grow the unproductive means there simply won’t be enough wealth to stand up to the Chinese, the Iranians, the Russians, or even Hugo Chavez.

Our military could go from the strongest in the world to a joke.

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