Equivalency International By Lee

by John Hawkins | July 26, 2005 5:23 pm

I can’t think of a better example[1] of left-wing moral equivalency when it comes to terrorism than this press release from Amnesty International.

Armed groups opposed to the US-led multinational force and Iraq’s government are showing utter disdain for the lives of Iraqi civilians and others, continuing a pattern of war crimes and crimes against humanity, Amnesty International said in a new report published today.

At the end of one of the worst months that saw some of the highest number of killings by armed groups since the beginning of the war in Iraq in March 2003, Amnesty International denounced the armed groups’ failure to abide by even the most basic standards of humanitarian law and said there can be no valid justification for deliberate killings of civilians, hostage-taking, and torture and killing of defenceless prisoners.

“Those who order or commit such atrocities place themselves totally beyond the pale of acceptable behaviour,” said Amnesty International. “There is no honour nor heroism in blowing up people going to pray or murdering a terrified hostage. Those carrying out such acts are criminals, nothing less, whose actions undermine any claim they may have to be pursuing a legitimate cause.“

“Armed groups.” How do you like that sh*t? Murderous scumbags who specifically target women and children aren’t terrorists. Vile fascist vermin who kidnap and behead innocent civilian contractors aren’t terrorists. Subhuman filth who kill anyone trying to turn Iraq into a democracy by serving as police or military aren’t terrorists. No, my friends, these are “armed groups.” Of course, the US detention center at Gitmo is a “gulag.” They have no problem stating the evil of that place using loaded, inflammatory language. But call a terrorist a terrorist? Perish the thought. To do so would, well, require them to place the Islamists on a lower plane than the fascist Amerikkkan occupiers, and that simply can’t be permitted.

In its 56-page report, Iraq, In Cold Blood: Abuses by Armed Groups, Amnesty International recognises that many Iraqis oppose the continuing presence of US and allied forces in their country, and that these forces have themselves committed grave violations, including killings of civilians and torture of prisoners.

“But abuses committed by one side do not and can not justify abuses by another,” said Amnesty International. “This is all the more the case when the principal victims are ordinary Iraqi men, women and children attempting peacefully to go about their everyday lives. All sides to the ongoing conflict have a fundamental obligation to respect the rights of civilians or of those who are rendered defenceless. Those who breach this obligation, on which ever side they stand, must be made to stop and they must be held to account.”

In other words, the Americans and other allies who are fighting and dying over there right now to try and stabilize Iraq and turn it into a democracy are on an equal plane with the vile terrorist scum who are actively targeting civilians, women and children, police, politicians, or anyone else opposed to letting Iraq fall into the chaos of another Islamist dictatorship.

And Amnesty International wonders why so many people in America completely ignore them. Here’s why. When an organization that purports to exist under the guise of human rights is so vapidly unable to refer to terrorism as terrorism, then their opinion is absolutely worthless.

“We urge armed groups to immediately cease all attacks against civilians and all other abuses” said Amnesty International. “Armed groups, like other parties to the conflict in Iraq, are required to comply strictly with international law in all their acts and remain accountable for their actions.”

Gee whiz, why didn’t we think of this before? The solution to terrorism isn’t to, you know, kill the terrorists before they can kill you. No, it’s to point out that the terrorists are violating international law! And that if they don’t stop violating international law, Amnesty International will issue… a press release! Because if there’s one thing that terrifies men so warped by their religious dogma that they are willing to kill and die for their cause it’s international law.

“Aziz! We must not blow up that bus full of infidel Jew schoolchildren. Amnesty International will denounce us for it!”

“Muhammad, you are correct! Despite the Koran telling us that it is our sworn Islamic duty to convert or kill all infidels, the thought of a press release by Amnesty International is a risk that Allah cannot expect us to take. Come, let us go and get real jobs.”

This content was used with the permission of Right Thinking from the Left Coast[2].

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