Europe’s Editors Support Danes, Heads Start To Roll By Mark In Mexico

by John Hawkins | February 2, 2006 9:31 am

European editors of various newspapers and magazines[1] began to publish the 12 cartoons of Muhammed (shown here[2]) in a gesture of support for the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. The cartoons, all or in part, were published in France by the newspaper France Soir; in Germany, the conservative Die Welt printed one image on its front page; in Italy, the Turin daily La Stampa and Milan’s Corriere della Sera published the 12 cartoons; in Spain El Periódico published the 12 cartoons; in Switzerland, the Swiss newspaper Blick published two of the cartoons; in Norway, a small Norwegian evangelical magazine, Magazinet, published the cartoons last month; and the editor in chief of Switzerland’s Tribune de Genéve said he planned to publish the cartoons tomorrow.

But he may change his mind[3]

Jacques LeFranc, editor in chief of France’s newspaper France Soir was fired by the owner of France Soir, an Egyptian, Raymond Lakah, who said he fired LeFranc to demonstrate “respect for the intimate beliefs of an individual.” Apparently that only includes religious beliefs and not those silly ideals of liberty, freedom of speech and freedom from Islamofascist extortion.

Msr. LeFranc had stated that France Soir had published the cartoons, “not because we like provocation but because they are the object of a worldwide controversy where nothing less is at stake than the balance between the respect for religious belief and the freedom of expression.” Msr. LeFranc had that stake replanted through his heart.

In Copenhagen, the editor-in-chief of Jyllands-Posten newspaper, Carsten Juste, said he regretted his paper’s decision to run the caricatures, saying the “costs were simply too high” given the current boycotts and threats against Danes. He also said, resignedly,

My guess is that no one will draw the Prophet Muhammad in Denmark in the next generation, and therefore I must say with deep shame that they have won.”

And in the United States? Well, the faint hearted cowards at CNN[4] showed, without any sense of decency or fear of reprisal, the Washington Post cartoon[5] of a wounded veteran in bed with both arms and legs amputated that drew a letter of rebuke and protest signed by all 6 members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. You can see the despicable cartoon and the Joint Chiefs’ letter at Michelle Malkin’s[6]. Then, 30 seconds later, CNN reportedly showed the 12 cartoons of Muhammed but blurred the images making them indiscernable. CNN said the Muhammed images were blurred, “so as not to offend some members of the audience.”

This content was used with the permission of Mark in Mexico[7].

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