Even Dems Think Obama Has a Hand in Rising Gas Prices

by Unicorn Jones | March 7, 2012 2:03 pm

Everyone’s favorite MSNBC’s program, Morning Joe, recently had an interesting debate over President Obama’s calls for increased taxes on oil and gas companies, because if you can’t trust MSNBC to discuss it, who can you trust? Thinking, perhaps, that someone who ran as Obama’s pod-clone, would demonstrate just how Dear Leader planned to rescue all of us from certain gasoline pump doom by creating alternative energies out of thin air, unicorn farts and algae, they welcomed:  former Congressmen Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN) .

Little did they know, they called on the wrong guy. Ford broke party lines to show that not all Democrats are betting the farm on expensive and unproven renewable energy technologies. And the ones that aren’t can’t exactly understand how the President is doing his math, except, perhaps with the aid of the ever-popular Underpants Gnomes.

Well, if you were to … ask most Americans to rank the ten largest oil companies, energy companies in the world, most would assume Exxon and some of our own U.S. companies would be at the top. In fact, they’re all state-owned companies around the globe. States meaning other countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, South America, they are the largest producers.

We get excited in this country when we talk about Apple. It’s a great U.S. company. But ExxonMobil’s a great U.S. company, as well, and we seem very shy to talk about.

I support what the President’s trying to do. What I don’t support is taking on our own energy companies which in many ways will reduce costs here if we’re willing to tap into natural resources, offshore around this country. We can do it safely, and I think we can do it in a way that’s not only safe, but dependable, reliable, and will drive down prices in our own country.

Strong words from a strong man. Or something. At least you know his posters out of the next issue of Democratic Tiger Beat.

The truth is, obviously that the President has corporations he likes and corporations he doesn’t, and like the Occupy Wall Streeter who rails against the evils of capitalism while drinking a Starbucks latte and typing away on a Macbook, he can’t seem to figure out that his actions make no sense in the larger scheme. Regardless of whatever pretty charts his aides show him, the demand for fossil fuels is set to increase by 25% through 2035. But the Administration’s policy, which would increase taxes on companies that fulfill that need – and, in many cases do so domestically – would not only drive prices up, but according to a study by economist Dr. Joseph Mason, will probably result in the loss of over 150,000 jobs. Which is awesome because, like, there’s no economic recession or anything.

Obviously, this is just part of why fuel prices are spiking. I mean, there’s also failure to develop infrastructure like the Keystone Pipeline project, the EPA’s constant and unrelenting war on oil refineries and that whole thing about not drilling on our shores but totally financing and licensing Brazil and Cuba to do it, respectively. But hey. Barack Obama’s not responsible for high gas prices, got it?

The good thing is that, despite the President and his administration’s best efforts, energy companies are still producing a significant amount of energy on private lands and in the Gulf. The result has been 75,000 new jobs created by the industry over the last 4 years. Just imagine what would happen if we had a President who cared…

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