Excerpt Of The Day #2: US Fatalities Down Since Media Declared Civil War In Iraq

by John Hawkins | March 14, 2006 8:04 am

“The US has lost 12 soldiers so far this month in Iraq. In the month of February, the US lost 58 of its finest in the War in Iraq.

As sad as these numbers are, we are seeing a low number of US fatalities since the media declared a Civil War in Iraq.

The average US fatality number for the last month and a half in Iraq is 1.63 which makes it the lowest average since March of last year and one of the lowest fatality periods since early in the war.

If the figures for March continue (0.92 average for the month so far) they will be the lowest number of fatalities for US forces in Iraq in over two years (0.79 fatality average in February of 2004).” — Gateway Pundit

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