Excerpt Of The Day: Bizarre-O-World Liberal Thinking On Race And Rap

by John Hawkins | April 16, 2007 9:27 am

“I hate the misogyny of some rap music — it’s not all misogynistic — but rappers didn’t invent sick notions of black women as sexual objects in America; those ideas have an old, old history here, going back to the days when the chains black men wore weren’t bling. As I said to [Joe] Scarborough and [John] Ridley, when we have “Snoop Dogg Country” on MSNBC, and Young Jeezy’s doing the morning drive-time show instead of Imus, then let’s talk about how rappers deserve the outrage Imus brought on himself. In my opinion, hundreds of years of the racist misogyny of white men like Imus and [Bernard] McGuirk are far more responsible for misogynistic rap music than the reverse. And as I type this I’m thinking, is that even up for debate? Fellas, please.” — Joan Walsh’s Salon blog[1]

Short translation: If you’re black, you’re not responsible for anything you do wrong, ever, because of slavery and racism…and yes, bizarre as it may seem, a lot of liberals really do think this way.

  1. Joan Walsh’s Salon blog: http://www.dailygut.com/?i=2554

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