Excerpt Of The Day: Grievance Politics — The Ends Have Been Subsumed By The Means

“An obvious problem with the grievance aspect of identity politics is that the grievance needs to be perpetually maintained in order to justify the identity aspect of the politics. And in an era of academic specialization wherein just about every individual identity groups has its own set of researchers and theoretical champions—as well as a widely accepted generic narrative of grievance—the observation that continued relevance (which translates into political power) is contingent upon the nursing and care of the grievance is something that too often goes unexamined by a society that, at base, really does wish to understand and fix the problems and frustrations expressed by individual identity groups.

All of which leads, I’d argue, to a cultural millieu that—perversely—is fearful of acknowledging its own successes, because to do so is to make irrelevant those who have been so adamant about bringing about those successes. The ends, ironically, have been subsumed by the means, and the means—or better, the structural apparatus designed to support and animate the individual identity group’s cause and promote it’s political agenda—have become more coveted, insofar as they carry all the institutional power, than the ends they claim to advocate.” — Jeff Goldstein

Hat tip to Small Dead Animals for finding the quote.

*** Update #1 ***: From the comments section:

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“I’ll admit,I am not college educated,but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn express last night.

What the hell is this guy talking about…seriously?” — xtremewing

What he’s saying is that when you’re talking about members of the grievance industry — like professional feminists, race hustling poverty pimps, or environmental wackos — they receive power, money, and influence not for solving problems, but by keeping grievances alive.

If these grievance mongers were to tell the truth, if let’s say Jesse Jackson were to say, “Well, racism isn’t even close to being as big of a problem as it used to be and isn’t anywhere near as harmful to black Americans as out of wedlock births,” or environmental groups were to say, “The environment isn’t perfect, but it’s much cleaner than it used to be and has been getting better for years,” then the obvious question would be: “So what do we need you chumps for?”

So, in short, the have a vested interest in never acknowledging progress in society because all their power, money, and influence comes from perpetually raving about how lousy things are, even if that doesn’t reflect reality.

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