Excerpt Of The Day: How The Wyoming Caucus Will Work

by John Hawkins | January 4, 2008 10:20 am

“Wyoming Republicans will use their standard process Saturday to select delegates to the national GOP convention – but with a few twists.

For example, most delegates will probably make it known up front which candidates they support, as that will be an important criteria for votes.

Republicans will also want to select those who can articulate state party positions, as delegates will help craft a national party platform.

In the past, delegates were often selected based on their standing in the party, or to reward them for their support of the party.

“It’s not going to be so simple this time around,” said Tom Sansonetti, 2008 county coordinator.

The conventions are expected to attract more people than in previous years.

One indication of the uptick was turnout two weeks ago at precinct caucuses. In Laramie County, for example, 215 people attended, almost four times the usual number.

County conventions start at different times in each county, and rules may vary by county. Here’s a look at how the process will generally work:

– Any Republican who lives in the county where the convention is held can compete to be a delegate. They can nominate themselves or rely on a nomination from someone else.

– After the nominations, each nominee has a chance to address the convention. Most will probably announce which candidate they intend to support and why that’s the best choice. More than one nominee can support the same candidate.

– Republican committee members, and those selected at the precinct meetings two weeks ago, are allowed to question the nominees before voting commences. The audience is not.

– Voting is held in rounds, with party leaders and representatives elected at precinct caucuses allowed to cast their vote for a nominee.

– The lowest vote-getter from each round is dropped and voting continues until someone receives 50 percent of the vote, plus one.” — The Billings Gazette[1]

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