Excerpt Of The Day: The Coming Israeli Strike On Iran

by John Hawkins | December 13, 2005 2:20 am

“What a perfect arrangement: The only country that every country has a right to condemn can be relied upon to do the world’s dirty work. This is the underlying mindset as the West contemplates a nuclear Iran.

When push comes to shove, the Israeli air force will take care of the problem, so the world can go into spasms of righteous indignation while enjoying the fireworks.

…The irony here is that it is precisely those who claim to believe mot in a borderless world ruled by international law who are ushering in a new Hobbesian era. How is one to explain Europe’s obsession with the United Nations on the one hand, and its emasculation of the principles on which that organization was founded?

…The nations that wrap themselves most tightly in international law are actually those responsible for turning that law, and its aspirations for the world, into a dead letter. As in the case of Iraq, by refusing to join the U.S. in effective non-military collective action against Iran, Europe is making military action or an Iranian victory inevitable.

…Perhaps it is pointless to appeal to European sympathies for Israel when these same nations won’t even defend themselves. Most bizarre, however, is that Europe, by refusing to impose draconian sanctions on Iran, is guaranteeing either a huge victory for the terror network or military action by the US or Israel. In other words, under the cloak of international law, Europe is bringing either the aggression of its enemies or unilateralist defensive actions of exactly the sort it claims to most want to prevent.” — Saul Singer[1]

  1. Saul Singer: http://nationalreview.com/comment/singer200512120837.asp

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