F*** The Troops?

by John Hawkins | June 19, 2007 5:00 am

Over at MySpace, I’ve run across a group, with 402 members, called — believe it or not — F*** the Troops[1].

I can’t say that I admire their attitude, but I do admire their honesty. Liberals usually don’t have the courage to write things like this, even though this is what most of them think…

“Our Statement:

We do not support the troops in Iraq.

What we believe:

-We believe that it is wrong to choose personal comfort and gain over innocent human lives.

-We do not agree with the choices made by the troops (agreement to deployment) or their actions (fighting in Iraq). Because we do not agree with these choices and actions, we do not support these choices and actions. Because we do not support these choices and actions which are made by the troops, we do not support the troops.

-We believe that it is illogical to not support a war but to support those fighting in it. If you do not support one you, by default, shouldn’t be supporting the other.

-We do believe that the troops should get medical support from the government after they return home (our government is not taking care of them properly). We believe that the government hired them, therefore the government should be responsible for any injuries (physical or mental) that occurred on the job.

-We believe it is better to refuse the orders of one’s superiors and be sent to jail and/or be dishonorably discharged than to fight in an illegal and immoral war.

…To quote a news article that states it better than I can:

“…the American government helped organize the Nuremberg trials to deal with the war crimes committed by the Germans during World War II. […] Those trials helped cement in international law the idea that soldiers have an obligation to disobey illegal orders, along with the idea that certain wars cannot be justified–such as a “war of aggression” by one country against another country that has not attacked it. ”

-The Stranger (http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=57019)

Iraq has not attacked the United States of America. Saddam had NO connection with 9/11. The Iraqi war is an unwarranted, illegal attack on another country for ever-more-obvious political agendas and to the troops who willingly support it we say “F*ck You”.

What the difference between these people and say, the Kossacks? The Kossacks just aren’t as honest about what they think…

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Source URL: https://rightwingnews.com/uncategorized/f-the-troops/