Fear And Loathing On The Left Coast By Bryan Preston

by John Hawkins | January 12, 2005 12:36 am

What do rank-and-file Democrats fear? What do they think is a threat to them? An article[1] in the Seattle Weekly, written by a Democrat who participated in the hand recounts that ended up “finding” votes for the Democrat gubnernatorial candidate, gives us a few clues.

Contrary to my usual stance, I do not recommend that you “read the whole thing.” It’s long, self-absorbed and dull. Read it all if you want, but be warned: You’ll feel your life being sucked away as you do.

That said, here’s what one rank-and-file Democrat thinks is baaaaad:

“On this last day, I learned something that confounded my notion of what had been going on in the GOP Lounge. That morning I was surprised to see that the Sean Hannity look-alike had also been selected by his party for the final day. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been. After all, I knew he was a GOP party faithful. He was a precinct officer for his Eastside district and worked on the Rossi campaign. Seeing him for the first time in the nonpartisan break room that morning, I decided to seize the opportunity to ask, “How come I see you going in and out of the GOP Lounge at breaks and lunch?” It was a good question, since counters and observers were explicitly instructed not to talk to one another, and the observer rooms on both sides—Democrat and Republican—were supposedly off-limits to ballot counters. But I had personally witnessed several other ballot counters, Ben among them, disappearing inside the GOP Lounge, some even emerging with doughnuts and other tasty contraband. The answer the Sean Hannity look-alike gave me came as a shock.

It was for prayer time, he said barely above a whisper. I had to ask the other people standing with us—one other Democratic ballot counter and two Republican ballot counters—to confirm what he said. This was something I had never considered. That a political party interested in the results of an election would conduct daily prayers, formally or informally, inside an office building in which the express purpose is to conduct civic business left me speechless. Apparently, because they had paid for the space, they felt entitled to do whatever they wanted—or, more precisely, whatever they could get away with. The revelation that prayers were being conducted in the GOP Lounge, together with the fact that the Republican candidate for governor once said he thought creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public schools, gave me a chilling new understanding of the phrase “party faithful.” What I had thought was a contest for governor turned out to be more like a religious war.

The separation of church and state is one of the most cherished tenets of our democracy. Many would argue, myself among them, that those who seek to blur or erase the line are the real enemies of the American way of life. While I started out not caring much about who among the disappointing choices would be our next governor, suddenly I found that I care a great deal.”

Cue the Psycho music please! I’ve had it wrong all this time. It’s not those fanatics who turn planes into missiles that are the “real enemies of the American way of life!” It’s a bunch of donut-eating Sean Hannity lookalikes who….PRAY. And BELIEVE IN GOD. Is there no defense from this menace?

This content was used with the permission of Bryan Preston from JunkYardBlog. You can read more of his work by clicking here[2].

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