Fed-Up Navy Veteran Forewarned Conn. Lawmakers on Gun Registration: ‘I’m Telling You Right Now, I Will Not Comply’ (Video)

by Duane Lester | March 5, 2014 8:04 pm

United States Navy Veteran John S. Singue is not a happy man. : He knows Connecticut Republicans are selling out gun owners and ignoring the Constitution. : And he told them so. : Furthermore, he told them he would not comply with their law:[1]


“I’m a 30-year public servant, 20-year career fireman, OK? United States Navy veteran, upstanding citizen all my life, three children – and with the stroke of a pen from the ivory tower with the gold top, you’ve decided to create me to be a felon. A class D felony for doing absolutely nothing wrong.”

He also warned lawmakers that gun control advocates would not simply stop at gun registration.

“You people really think they’re going to stop? I’m telling you right now, I’m will never vote for any of you again, I’m done,” he added.

And before he was done speaking, Cinque sent a message to lawmakers loud and clear: “I don’t want to speak for nobody else… But I’m telling you right now, I will not comply. There you go.”

It’s time for wide spread civil disobedience.

We live under too many mandates to be considered a free people. It’s time to push back.

I applaud Cinque’s words and his action.


Here’s the video:

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