Figures: Obama Attacks GOP Obstructionism!

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled weekend blog-programming to bring you this hilarious update on President Barack Jimmy Carter Obama. That’s right, the dude’s looking to be a one-termer. See, “U.S. Voters Split on Obama Re-Election in 2012.” No surprise then that Republicans are just laughing at the president, who long ago abandoned bipartisanship to ram through the most unpopular legislative agenda in decades. I mean, if his congressional program was even a percentage as good as he claims, RINOs like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe would be helping the Dems avoid a filibuster. So this is what you get instead:

See also Gateway Pundit, “Obama Says He “Won’t Rest Until Leak Is Stopped”… Then Attends Nationals Baseball Game.” (Via Memeorandum.) But see Doug Mataconis for a contrary take, “President Obama Attends Baseball Game, Conservative Blogger Freaks Out.”

Okay, now back to our more invigorating weekend blogging, LOL!

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