Final Fred Thompson Blogburst And Video

by John Hawkins | December 28, 2007 7:55 am

In order to help inspire people to help Fred out, I’ve put together a new video called, “Vote Fred Thompson — Unless you hate children and puppies.” I think you will enjoy it — well, unless you hate children and puppies.

Today, there’s a final Fred Thompson Blogburst happening and Right Wing News is participating.

This may be our last, best shot to help Fred because he needs to finish in at least 3rd place in Iowa to keep going — and let me tell you, if he’s out, you’re going to really have to hold your nose when you’re deciding which of these other candidates to back.

So today, step up and chip in a few bucks for Fred[1]. You can also head over to his website[2] and make some get-out-the-vote phone calls for Fred. That’s a great way to make a big difference even if you can’t afford to donate any money.

PS: Here’s the new Thompson campaign ad, “Substance.”

Update #1: You can see a list of the blogs participating in the Blogburst[3] at the Fred File.

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