Final Rightroots Tally

by John Hawkins | November 8, 2006 8:47 am

There was not a lot of good news on the Rightroots front last night (Only 2 out of 21 of our candidates won), but I guess that’s to be expected in a year where no Republican challengers to Democratic incumbents in the House or Senate managed to get elected:

Here’s the breakdown of how the candidates did (Rightroots candidate in bold):


(MN-06): Michele Bachmann 50% vs. Patty Wetterling 42%
(OH-6): Chuck Blasdel 39% vs. Charles Wilson 61%
(GA-12): Max Burns 49% vs. John Barrow 51%
(WI-08): John Gard 49% vs. John Gard 51%
(PA-12): Diana Irey 39% vs. John Murtha 61%
(IA-03): Jeff Lamberti 47% vs. Leonard Boswell 52%
(IL-08): David McSweeney 44% vs. Melissa Bean 50%
(NY-24): Ray Meier 45% vs. Michael Arcuri 54%
(SC-05): Ralph Norman 43% vs. John Spratt 57%
(CO-07): Rick O’Donnell 42% vs. Ed Perlmutter 55%
(IL-06) Peter Roskam 51% vs. Tammy Duckworth 49%
(TX-17) Van Taylor 40% vs. Chet Edwards 58%
(CO-3): Scott Tipton 37% vs. John Salazar 61%
(WV-01): Chris Wakim 36% vs. Alan Mollohan 64%
(IA-01): Mike Whalen 43% vs. Bruce Braley 55%
(IL-17): Andrea Lane Zinga 43% vs. Phil Hare 57%


(Michigan): Mike Bouchard 41% vs. Debbie Stabenow 57%
(New Jersey): Thomas Kean 45% vs. Bob Menendez 53%
(Minnesota): Mark Kennedy38% vs. Amy Klobuchar 58%
(Washington): Mike McGavick 39% vs. Maria Cantwell 58%
(Maryland): Michael Steele 44% vs. Ben Cardin 54%

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