Freaky Liberal Blog Names

by John Hawkins | February 20, 2008 7:50 am

If you listen to liberals, they’ll tell you that conservatives are angry, homophobic, racist, misogynist people…which is why the time I spent surfing through the liberal blogosphere this morning was so surprising — well, it would be surprising if I didn’t already realize that liberals have a tendency to project their more unsavory beliefs and attitudes onto conservatives.

Go back and read what would probably be a typical liberal description of conservatives in the first sentence of the post — “angry, homophobic, racist, misogynist people” — and now read this list of liberal blogs, which I put together by perusing just 5 or 6 different blogrolls…

Angry Indian[1]
Angry Old B*tch[3]
B*tch Magazine[5]
B*tch Ph.D.[6]
Dyked Out[7]
Dykes And The City[8]
The Field Negro[9]
Godless Liberal Homo[10]
Quarterlife Queer[12]
Teh Portly Dyke[13]
The Angry Black Woman[14]
The G B*tch Spot[15]
The Infuriated F*ggot[16]
The Skepb*tch[17]

And this doesn’t even get into the profane and stupid content, it’s just the names of the blogs. In fact, take a random vulgarity, add it to a racial or gender group, and throw the word “angry” out there in front of it if you’re so inclined, and you’ve just probably named another liberal blog.

PS: And this isn’t even including the countless feminist gender blogs out there. Whatever happened to being an individual instead of part of some identity group? Also, better question, whatever happened to class on the Left?

  1. Angry Indian:
  2. AngryBlackB*tch:
  3. Angry Old B*tch:
  4. AngryBrownButch:
  5. B*tch Magazine:
  6. B*tch Ph.D.:
  7. Dyked Out:
  8. Dykes And The City:
  9. The Field Negro:
  10. Godless Liberal Homo:
  11. Negrophile:
  12. Quarterlife Queer:
  13. Teh Portly Dyke:
  14. The Angry Black Woman:
  15. The G B*tch Spot:
  16. The Infuriated F*ggot:
  17. The Skepb*tch:

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