French foreign minister to Obama: People are dying, end your vacation!

French foreign minister to Obama: People are dying, end your vacation!

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has a message about Iraq for Barack Obama: Get back to the White House and do something.

obama putting while Iraq burns

‘I know it is the holiday period in our Western countries,’ Fabius told a radio interviewer Tuesday in France,’ but when people are dying, you must come back from vacation.’

Full-time workers in France are guaranteed a whopping five weeks of paid vacation every year, making his plea all the more urgent. Obama is on a family and golfing holiday in a ritzy neighborhood of Martha’s Vineyard but says he will come back to Washington this weekend before returning on Tuesday to fun, sun, and more golf.

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Britain, France, Italy and other European nations have backed the humanitarian assistance with material and personnel, reported The Wall Street Journal, which first broke news of the French diplomat’s criticism.

‘Even presidents need down time,’ Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wrote on Monday,’But his decision to proceed with his getaway just 36 hours after announcing the military action in Iraq risks fueling the impression that he is detached as the world burns.’

Obama is so embarrassing that not only are Americans making graphics that make fun of Obama like those below but now leaders of other nations are chastising him like he were a little child.

Obama golf while Iraq burns/center>
Iraq Policy golf
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