From The South? Charles Rangel Thinks You’re Just Another Redneck…

by John Hawkins | February 15, 2005 3:30 pm

You might be a Democrat just like him, heck, you might even become President, but to Charles Rangel[1] (and a lot of other liberals like him), if you come from Southern states like Arkansas or Texas, you’ll never be anything more than a redneck…

“Rep. Charlie Rangel is blasting ex-President Bill Clinton as “a redneck” after New York Sen. Hillary Clinton refused for the second year in a row to support his bill to help the mother of police shooting victim Amadou Diallo stay in the country.

“I don’t have the slightest clue who Hillary really is,” the dismayed Harlem Democrat tells New York Magazine this week. “All I see is a gal who knew she was as good as anyone else, and she saw this guy she could make something of, so she forfeited Illinois and went to Arkansas.”

Rangel then added, “That’s a hell of a move to make for a redneck, which is all he was.”

Asked on Tuesday morning if he really thought Clinton was a redneck, Rangel told WWRL Radio’s Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter: “Of course he is. He’s from Arkansas.”

Later in the interview Rangel tried to backpedal, telling Malzberg he thought the Clintons were “terrific people.”

“You have to remember, you know, Lyndon Johnson was one of the best presidents we had and he was a redneck out of Texas,” he explained.”

This is sort of attitude is exactly why Northern liberals like Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry always bomb in the South. Usually, they’re not this indelicate, but the attitude comes through loud and clear…

“Of course, everyone who lives in states like Arkansas & Texas are ignorant, sister marryin’, inbred rednecks. If they weren’t, why would they be livin’ in the South? Oh and all of you Southerners vote for us the next time there’s an election because you dumb hicks need suave sophisticates like us to run your life. Now, let me explain why you don’t need guns, but you do need gay marriage…hey, pay attention “Southie,” we know how easily people like you get distracted by Bibles, televangelists, and attractive first cousins so keep your eyes front and center and your ears open because your betters are talking…”

Zell Miller[2] has warned them about this..

“If Southern voters think you don’t understand them — or even worse, much worse, if they think you look down on them — they will never vote for you.”

…but they never listen.

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