General Betray Us Redux? That’s HuffPo Class!

by John Hawkins | April 9, 2008 8:00 am

Here’s an excerpt from Robert Scheer’s latest screed at the HuffPo[1] that just drips with contempt for David Petraeus,

General Betray Us? Of course he has. can hardly be expected to recycle its slogan from last September, when Gen. David Petraeus testified in support of escalating the U.S. war in Iraq, given the hysterical denunciations that worthy group received at the time. But it was right then–as it would be to repeat the charge now.

By undercutting the widespread support for getting out of Iraq, Petraeus did indeed betray the American public, siding with an enormously unpopular president who wants to stay the course in Iraq for personal and political reasons that run contrary to genuine national security interests. Once again, the president is passing the buck to the uniformed military to justify continuing a ludicrous imperial adventure, and the good general has dutifully performed.

I think you’d have to go all the way back to the Civil War to find a time in our county’s history when so many Americans hate and despise an American general for winning a war that Americans are engaged in.

Except in this case, instead of Southerners understandably hating Sherman or Northerners understandably hating Lee, we have callow liberals who detest Petraeus for winning a war that they’re desperate to lose for purely political reasons. It’s just despicable…

  1. Robert Scheer’s latest screed at the HuffPo:

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