General David Petraeus By Betsy Newmark

by John Hawkins | January 8, 2007 3:41 am

The Washington Post has a profile of General Petraeus[1] and, if it is at all possible to turn around the situation in Iraq, he certainly sounds like he would be the man to do it.

The Democrats and the media are making a fuss about Bush moving Petraeus in to replace General Casey saying that Bush just got rid of Casey because Casey disagreed about increasing the troop levels in Iraq. Well, moving Casey up to be Army Chief of Staff doesn’t seem like he’s really getting rid of Casey.

This seems like a “tails I win, heads you lose” sort of criticism. Critics say that what we have been doing in Iraq has been badly handled. Bush decides to make changes and move in new people and suddenly he’s being criticized for not keeping the same people whom were just being criticized for doing things wrong.

Meanwhile, the Democrats seem to think that the only possibility is to just cut our losses and leave, er redeploy. How that is going to improve the situation in Iraq is unclear. And they refuse to contemplate what the impact will be if we just declare defeat and move on out.

Meanwhile, here is an interesting coincidence in the life of General Petraeus.

In 1991, as a battalion commander at Fort Campbell, Ky., he was shot in the chest with an M-16 rifle when a soldier tripped during a training exercise. Rushed into surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, he underwent five hours of surgery by Bill Frist, who a decade later became Senate majority leader.

I’m glad that Dr. Frist’s handiwork as a surgeon was more successful with the general than his leadership of the Senate was for the Republicans.

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