Generic poll from Gallup an eye-opener

John reported earlier that generic ballot tests look potentially devastating for Democrats in November.:  Here’s more to fuel: that impression.

Rasmussen Reports has consistently released congressional generic surveys showing Republicans leading by a significant margin.:  But, Rasmussen’s numbers have also been called into question because they routinely show Republicans faring much better than other polling firms do in races across the country.:  Today, however, Rasmussen has some company, at least in the generic House test.

Enter Gallup::  When participants in their latest survey were asked for whom they are more likely to vote in their House district, the generic Republican candidate earned the nod from 49% while just 43% favor the generic Democrat.:  That 6-point lead is the largest enjoyed by the GOP over the last 3 months as reported on Gallup’s website.:  This could be an outlier, to be sure, but the result cannot be ignored.:  And if next week’s numbers match this week’s, the coming red wave, which has seemed to be waning of late, may be roaring back.

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