George Bush — Servant Of Satan?

George Bush — Servant Of Satan?

George Bush — Servant Of Satan?: Somehow or another, one of my co-workers got signed up on a bizarre mailing list and received the following email which he forwarded to me…

“Is George Bush using BLACK MAGICK in the White House?

THE FACT IS the very date he chose to attack Iraq was a MAJOR RARE HOLY DAY IN SATANISM!

The War in Iraq started on the 3rd week of the 3rd month in the 3rd year of the 3rd millennium.


This number and date is a MAJOR SATANIC OCCULT NUMBER

Details of the OCCULT IMPORTANCE of this number is as

George Bush, his father and grandfather all belonged to Yale’s SKULL AND BONES secret satanic society.

You may not believe in BLACK MAGICK but GEORGE BUSH sure does.


Satanists CONTROL the US Government

That’s why BUSH CHOSE to attack Iraq on a BLACK EVIL SATANIC HOLY DAY.”

This is apparently the short version of this article on a page called Ask Sollog. It includes gems like…

…The ignorant and uninformed masses of the world don’t believe in things like BLACK MAGICK. George W. Bush and his family and his fellow bonesmen ALL PRACTICE BLACK MAGICK!

..Most within the USA are clueless and don’t believe that EVIL SATANIC SOCITIES control their government, large businesses and media. BUT THEY DO.

Within the Ivy League schools of the USA EVIL SECRET SOCITIES operate freely. They all choose the brightest or best connected students to enter their EVIL SECRET CULTS. Skull and Bones is just one such satanic cult that controls many aspects of American life. For generations the future leaders of the USA were chosen to become BLACK MAGICK occultists in Ivy League Schools. The general population has been led to believe that such things don’t exist. YET THEY DO!

…Who invited the self-confessed PRINCE OF DARKNESS aka Ozzy Osborne into the White House? GEORGE W. BUSH.”

In response to that, just let me say…

Take a gander at this bunch of doodlings that look like they were made by an eight year old. You may not believe that anyone would pay $100 for signed prints drawn by this man or a thousand dollars for his hand drawings. But according to Sollog, THEY DO!

Most of you probably don’t think that anyone could really believe that George Bush, the man who said Jesus was his favorite philosopher, is a Satanist. YET THEY DO!

You may not believe that there are nutcases who buy into to this sort of stuff. BUT THEY DO.

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