Germans Victimized By Poland In WW2?

by John Hawkins | August 11, 2004 8:55 pm

If there were such a thing as the “chutzpah Olympics”, these Germans would finish just behind the Egyptian dean[1] who wanted to sue the Jews for stealing gold during their exodus from Egypt.

You’re going to think this is satire, but it’s a real story from the Washington Times[2]…

“In what might seem an act of monumental nerve, a group of Germans is seeking compensation from Poland for property lost at the end of World War II.

…(A)t the end of the war about 12 million Germans were ousted from regions ceded to Poland under Soviet pressure, mainly in East Prussia and eastern Germany, and the former owners are now seeking restitution or financial compensation.

…Rudi Pawelka, head of Preussische Treuhand — an association representing the interests of the former inhabitants of East Prussia — has promised legal action before German courts and the European Court of Justice.

Germany has spent an estimated $85 billion since the war to smooth the re-integration of the expellees. But with Poland now part of the European Union, their organizations feel it is time for the compensation issue to be put on the official agenda.”

Can you believe these people?

“Hey, remember back in WW2 when we invaded your country, slaughtered your military, butchered your people, destroyed your capital, stole everything that wasn’t nailed down, set up death camps on your soil, and then got driven away and left you pinned under the boots the Soviets for almost 50 years? Yeah…well we’d like our stuff back. You don’t mind do you?”

Wow, is there anything that makes your heart bleed quite like reading about a bunch of Germans who’re upset that the whole “Nazi thing” didn’t work out for them as well as they had hoped? I mean, come on — who would have thought the Poles wouldn’t want to live around people who brutalized, slaughtered, and enslaved them for no other reason than because they could? Whatever happened to live and let live right?

Yes, the world’s tiniest accordion is pumping out a sad little German polka tune for all those poor Aryans who lost their land because of how WW2 turned out…

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