Global warming — it’s true!

And yeah, I saw that headline in that British paper about how the scientific “consensus” is starting to swing the other way. Bunk, says I. I’ve got proof.

See, I walked outside today. Coat hanging open, no gloves. And I thought to myself: wow, it’s pretty warm out.

Bam! Global warming!

Actual temperature: 26 degrees. Kind of cold, relatively speaking.

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And? Your point? See, even if the temperatures aren’t getting any higher, it seems like they are. We perceive that it’s warmer. We feel like things are warming up. Oh, sure, it could just be that I’m used to this kind of cold, now that it’s February and it’s been like this for three friggin’ months. Or it could be that the climate is changing!

Evidence? What are you, Columbo? This is all about perceptions. Feelings. Consensus. And, man, my consensus today was: unseasonably warm.

Slightly related note: what’s it pay, working at the IPCC? Because I think I’m qualified.

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