Global Warming Today: Energy Saving Day Fails. Snortworthingly!

by William Teach | March 2, 2008 11:47 am

Heh heh heh

Energy Saving Day was a flop, its organiser admitted last night after the National Grid confirmed that across Britain energy use went up by just over one per cent.

The day, which began at dusk on Wednesday evening with candles being lit in St Paul’s cathedral, had received the backing of the minister for climate change, Joan Ruddock, Lord May, the former president of the Royal Society, and groups including the National Trust, Tesco and the power companies.

But by mid afternoon it was clear from the meters on the Day’s website that consumption was about 600 megawatt hours across the country, higher than what the National Grid estimated was used on a normal February day.

Why? No one is drinking coffee at the moment, right? Because I will not be held responsible for burned nasal passages

Matt Prescott, the organiser, who had support from the Esme Fairbairn Foundation, said: “We had problems. There was a change in temperature. If it had been warmer, we would have been happy.”

Poor babies, cannot even get the climate to cooperate with warm temps for a global warming demonstration.

Let me just point out that I do believe we had global warming. The overall temperature of the Earth does fluctuate, where some short periods are warm, some are cool, which is what we have been having since the end of the Little Ice Age. Then, we have the bigger periods, which have, like the short periods, been going on for 4 billion years. But, I think Man has only a small piece of the puzzle. I bet the dinosaurs had a piece too, since so many of them put out lots of, ahem, methane.

But, hey, just remember that when it gets cool or cold, it can only be weather. When the most minor of things shows a higher temp, it is climate. Because us damned skeptics of human made climate change are just wrong in seizing on, ya know, cold weather.

Questions to ask climahysterics

  1. what are you doing to offset your carbon footprint?
  2. exactly what do you expect all these climate change offset programs to accomplish, and how will you measure it scientifically?

The answers are sure to be interesting!

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