“Good-Hearted-Sponges” Who Break Our Laws

Ya know, I have been pleased with a lot of what George Bush has been trying to do since he won his second term. He has been talking tough about fiscal discipline, he intends to make sure we get the job done in Iraq, he wants tort reform, Social Security reform, tax reform…let me give him a round of applause for that agenda, because he deserves it.

On the other hand, if anything, W. is going even further off the farm on immigration reform. I gotta tell you, my jaw almost hit my chest when I read that Bush said,

“We want our Border Patrol agents chasing, you know, crooks and thieves and drug-runners and terrorists, not good-hearted people who are coming here to work. And therefore, it makes sense to allow the good-hearted people who are coming here to do jobs that Americans won’t do a legal way to do so. And providing that legal avenue, it takes the pressure off the border.”

The overwhelming majority of Bush’s own party and a large majority of the American people are ready to do just about anything short of mining the border like the DMZ to keep illegals out of the country and here we have the President of the United States in essence calling for making open borders the law of the land.

Hey, George Bush, I got news: All of these illegal aliens pouring across the border don’t have good hearts and even if they did, it wouldn’t give them an excuse to break the law.

Maybe we should apply this “good-hearted people” theory to other crimes.

“Sure, he held-up that convenience store, but he’s good people, so we don’t need to have the police wasting their time chasing him. Oh…and that armed robbery? Do we know if the robber was a “good-hearted person” or a “mean” person, because I think we can just ignore the law this time if the person breaking it is nice.”

These “good-hearted people” who’re sneaking into the United States are committing crimes, filling up our prisons, having babies and collecting welfare for them here, sending their kids to our schools, overwhelming our hospitals on the border…and why are these people being allowed to sponge off Americans? So Republicans can get fat checks from businessmen who use illegals for cheap labor? Because they think it might get them an extra 2 or 3% of the Hispanic vote?

Not only is that in my opinion, selling out the best interests of America for purely partisan reasons, it’s TERRIBLE POLITICS and Bush only got away with it because Kerry was just as bad as Bush on illegal immigration. Let me tell you something, if a Republican candidate who’s soft on illegal-immigration, like John McCain for example, ends up going head-to-head with Hillary “I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants” Clinton, THAT ISSUE ALONE, may cost the GOP the presidency in 2008.

I’m telling you, George Bush and the rest of Washington Republicans who are ignoring the will of the American people on this issue, are playing with political fire and eventually it’s going to burn them, especially if the Democrats ever smarten up on the issue.

Hat tip to Questions And Observations where I found this article.

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