Got A Hole In Your Head Or Alternately, This Is The Health Care System Democrats Want To Bring To America By Mark C.

by John Hawkins | May 23, 2007 8:52 am

Here’s how one-tier health care in Ontario can treat you:

David Malleau awoke in hospital with a gaping hole in his skull.

The 44-year-old Hamilton truck driver had suffered a devastating car accident in 2004 that forced doctors at Hamilton General Hospital to remove a fist-sized piece of bone from his skull to relieve pressure on his brain.

Once the swelling subsided and he was ready for surgery in March 2005, Malleau was sent home and placed on a waiting list.

Three months passed. Then six. He waited at home, a prisoner unable to leave the house for fear something would hit the exposed side of his brain — for him a potentially fatal incident. In the end, it took nearly a year before he could get skull replacement surgery…”

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