Guest Bloggers On Monday

by John Hawkins | September 23, 2005 11:59 pm

Unfortunately, I need to take a day off on Monday. Normally, on those sorts of days, I either put up some retro-RWN posts or just don’t update RWN at all. However, this time around, I’ve decided to try something a little different: guest bloggers. On Monday, the following bloggers are scheduled to do a post or two on RWN:

Lorie Byrd from Byrd Droppings[1] & Polipundit[2].

Michael Fumento from C-Log[3] & Michael[4].

Mary Katharine Ham from C-Log[3].

Frank J. from IMAO[5].

Cathy Seipp from Cathy’s World[6].

Kathy Shaidle from Relapsed Catholic[7].

Sister Toldjah[8].

That’s a pretty snazzy line-up if I do say so myself. So, even though I won’t be around on Monday, make sure to tune in!

PS: Consider this to be an open thread.

PS #2: RWN and CG will return to a regular schedule on Tuesday.

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