Gun Lovers Vs. Hypersensitive Liberals!

by John Hawkins | August 5, 2004 10:43 pm

Folks — and I kid you not — I now stand accused of being part of a bizarro-world, racist, t-shirt conspiracy.

It all started with this shirt, modeled by Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit[1].

I, along with Glenn Reynolds and Frank J. from IMAO[2], all endorsed the shirt (The company selling the shirts, Those Shirts[3], is a former RWN advertiser). Here’s what we had to say about it…

“Got my shirt, and love it. Perhaps I’ll wear it to a faculty meeting…” – Professor Glenn Reynolds

“ has not only some of the highest quality shirts I’ve ever seen, but they also deflect bullets, give you super strength, and ward off monkeys. I hate monkeys.” – Frank J. of IMAO

“I have the Celebrate Diversity shirt and it looks great. If only you had a T-shirt that makes fun of the French as well — wait — you do!” – John Hawkins of Right Wing News

Now, most people…ehr, make that anyone who isn’t a huffy, hypersensitive liberal…would look at this shirt and probably think “Ha! That’s a cute pro-gun t-shirt” or “It’s taking a dig at the way liberals obsessively bloviate about diversity while also promoting the 2nd Amendment.”

Now here’s the take that lefty moonbat Steve Gilliard[4] had on this shirt and our comments after being inspired by what Atrios[5] had to say about the t-shirt…

“I think Atrios is being far too kind about this. Just look at the comments, which is why I posted them. Monkeys? Why not say n*gger, because that is what you mean.

…(T)hat noxious shirt is one no decent person would wear, because there is no joke in it. A number of handguns and “celebrate diversity” on it implies something pretty dark and evil. Especially with the colors used on the white shirt, red, yellow and green. You would have to be a moron not to see the pan-African connotation with. I mean, you have easily made that shirt with the tag line “variety is the spice of life”, the joke made, and not even the most hypersensitive liberal could say a word. Reynolds even jokes about wearing it to a faculty meeting, something he doesn’t have the balls to do because he would be called on it.

That shirt is the kind of thing you see at Klan and militia rallies. It isn’t about political correctness either, because it implies the only kind of diveristy is a heavily armed one which is clearly anti-black in tenor and temperment.”

Ok, the “monkeys” thing is a long running gag on IMAO that quite unsurprisingly has to do with…well…monkeys. Furthermore, I find it amazing that the ultra-observant geniuses, Atrios and Gilliard, couldn’t even get the colors of the shirt that Reynolds was wearing right, despite having a picture to look at.

But those quibbles aside, I have a very relevant question, that being “how do people this hypersensitive make it through the day”?

I mean do they refuse to play 8-Ball because it requires you to use a white ball to knock a black ball down into a hole? What about trash bags? Do they think it’s appropriate for a white guy to stuff garbage into a black trash bag or does that imply “something pretty dark and evil” too? Oh and don’t even get these guys started on the symbolism behind a white person eating blackberries or you’ll really get an earful!

What silly, silly, people Atrios and Gilliard are…

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