Halloween At The HuffPo!

by John Hawkins | November 1, 2007 5:19 am

Even Halloween is just one more occasion for the joyless, obsessed libs at the HuffPo to kvetch about what they think is wrong with America.

For example, take Lisa Wade[1],

In today’s Baltimore Sun, I am quoted saying that “Halloween costumes are an excellent measure of who it’s still okay to hate or belittle.”

Ugh! Who thinks this way?

Then there’s this one, from Annabelle Gurwitch[2], is arguably even worse because it involves the author turning her son into a left-wing signboard,

Last Halloween, I corralled my son into making a blatantly left-wing statement. We went out trick-or-treating dressed as hobos carrying homemade signs that read respectively, “Will Work for Healthcare Benefits” and “Brother Can you Spare a Million?” Oh, how our neighbors laughed and showered us with candy, which I judiciously parceled out over the entire year like any mom concerned with limiting her kid’s intake of high-fructose corn syrup.

Nobody introduce Annabelle to Lisa or Ms. Gurwitch will undoubtedly get a tongue lashing over her hobo “hate” that she’ll never forget.

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  2. Annabelle Gurwitch: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/annabelle-gurwitch

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