Happy Samuel Alito Has Been Confirmed Day Everyone!

by John Hawkins | January 31, 2006 11:22 am

58-42. We win. They lose. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be!

*** Update #1 *** See? I told you so…

“Now, let’s imagine that Bush asks Harriet Miers to fall on the sword because of conservative opposition. After that, he gives a press conference, tells everyone that Harriet would have been fantastic, but unfortunately her nomination has been withdrawn. Then, a couple of weeks later, he nominates Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown, Michael Luttig, Samuel Alito or some other justice who sets conservative hearts aflutter.

What do you think would happen?

Wouldn’t the very same people who are ripping Bush up one side and down the other today, be cheering him then? Wouldn’t many of those same people, after seeing Bush prove himself by taking a top notch choice, start to trust his judgement a little more? Don’t you also think those people would be considerably more forgiving towards Bush and the GOP if, in the end, they got a nominee they could love for the Supreme Court?

That’s what Republicans should keep in mind: this can still be a win for conservatives, a win for Bush, and a win for the Party if a nominee other than Miers is selected.

Given that this situation can still be turned into a win for the GOP, albeit a messy one, how much sense does it make for George Bush to pigheadedly try to win a Pyrrhic victory over his own base when he could have them marching by his side into battle for another nominee? It doesn’t make any sense, which is why George Bush should do the right thing, the smart thing, the politically savvy thing, and pull the Harriet Miers nomination.” — From an October 5, 2005 RWN post called Why Pulling The Harriet Miers Nomination Would Be The Best Move Bush Could Make[1]

“When George Bush selects a new nominee, almost all of the “Pro-Miers” folks will get behind that nominee for the same reasons they supported Miers. If you’re going to tell me that after we have a Karen Williams, Michael Luttig, or Priscilla Owen on the Supreme Court, the conservatives who were backing Harriet Miers are going to honestly wish that she’d made it through instead of the next nominee that Bush selects, well, I just don’t believe that.

…Last but not least, there is a glorious moment that all conservatives should be waiting for: When Bush’s next originalist nominee, the replacement for “swing vote Sandra,” is actually confirmed. You know why that is going to be such a great day? Because that will be when it finally dawns on the Democrats that they’ve been completely and utterly hosed. Little miss flipping coin, Sandra Day O’Connor, will be gone and in her place will be a rock solid originalist who’ll be up there for decades. It’ll be enough to bring a smile to a conservative face and a tear to a Democratic eye…” — From RWN on October 28, 2005[2]

*** Update #2 ***: If you’re conservative, this is a day worth celebrating for 3 reasons…

#1) Given that the Supreme Court has managed to slip its tentacles into almost every facet of American life, Supreme Court Justices are incredibly important. That’s why getting two conservative judges like John Roberts and Samuel Alito, who both respect the Constitution, onto the Supreme Court qualifies as the greatest accomplishment on the domestic front of the entire Bush presidency. Just think about the alternative: President Kerry appointing two liberals instead of Alito and Roberts.

#2) Conservatives really snatched victory from the jaws of defeat to get Alito on the court. Had we not fought Harriet Miers tooth and nail, Alito would have never gotten his shot. Ms. Miers may be a very nice woman and I think few conservatives hold anything against her, but she’s also not in the same league as Alito and everyone knows it. When you consider what might have been, then it becomes clear that conservatives are very lucky indeed to now have Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court.

#3) Finally, after all this time, we’ve exorcised the demons of the Bork hearings because another clearly qualified, textualist nominee, with a long record on the bench has made it through the confirmation process. That means that stealth nominees whose greatest asset is that they have no records on the bench are no longer needed or desired as Republican Supreme Court nominees.

So folks, enjoy today because we have won an enormous victory that will be good for the Republican Party and for the country.

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