Hating Liberally

by Melissa Clouthier | August 26, 2008 5:01 pm

Writing negative things about Barack Obama, NBC News[1] or abortion[2], to name just three topics brings the hate–especially against women writers. A blog that I won’t dignify with a link, posted about Amanda Carpenter[3], Michelle Malkin[4], Debbie Schlussel[5] and me in daily succession. Not one post attacked ideas but attacked the person, the woman. This was a Lefty blog and I found the posts to be, cumulatively, shamelessly misogynistic. One conservative female blogger friend of mine, Kathleen McKinley[6], has an obsessed liberal who blogs at site based on hers. I cannot even think of a right-leaning blog that’s sole purpose is to attack liberal women. Now, liberal ideas, those get rebuffed on a daily basis all over on the right and by men and women.

Why the personal hate?

Today, Michelle Malkin came face to face with the haters in Denver, Colorado. Of all conservative women, Michelle has been on the receiving end of hate–including death threats. Pajamas Media[7] has the latest interaction where an anarchist screams, “Kill Michelle Malkin!”

It would be one thing, if the Left wasn’t the “give peace a chance crowd”. They claim to want peace, but don’t seem to mind killin’ a few on the opposing political side to get there. And that’s the crux of it. The Left wants ideological conformity. If someone, especially a minority, dares to reject the Leftist ideology, it is war–war against the person who dares dissent.

Too many unique voices have been driven from the blogosphere and politics in general because the hatred and vitriol gets to be terrifying or overwhelming. That sort of disgusting intimidation has no place in a free society. The Left doesn’t want a free society. They want a society made in their own image and anyone who dares disagree with that image must be eliminated however possible.

It’s good to be a conservative where there is true tolerance and diversity of thought.

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