Have A Happy New Year!

Like many of you, I am going to be taking tomorrow off. So there won’t be an update on RWN. I know, I know…first it was a week at Thanksgiving, then half a week at Christmas, and now New Years. Well don’t sweat it; it’s just that time of year. I’ll be back on my regular schedule starting Friday, which means about a vacation day per month until we hit the holiday season next year.

But, before I take the rest of the night off, I just wanted to let you know that December was my third consecutive “best month ever”. As of today at 10 PM EST, RWN has had 183,390 daily uniques and 351,123 pageviews. Just to give you a rough idea of how much the page has grown this year, RWN only pulled around 200,000 pageviews in January of this year.

I’d like to thank all of RWN’s readers, all of the blogs and websites that linked RWN, and all of RWN’s advertisers for helping the page to grow. I’ve had a great time writing for all of you and I look forward to doing it again all through next year. Until RWN returns, feel free to check out some of our advertisers…

Amaravati: Abode Of Amritas
The American Mind
The Bully Pulpit
DANEgerus Weblog
Delta Star
Mark Dubbin’s “Shadow Patriot”
Electric Venom
For The Sake Of Argument
Ghost Of A Flea
G. Gordon Liddy’s Stacked & Packed Calender
Joanne Jacobs
Lex Libertas
Neowhig 2004
Right Wing Nut
Right Wing Stuff
The Southern California Law Blog
The Steel Cage

Have a merry New Years celebration and I’ll see all of you on Friday!

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