Have There Ever Been Reports Of Aliens Stealing From Abductees?

Boy, did I luck up or what when I ran across the kook website called the Above Top Secret forums? I mean how long has it been since I did an edition of ACPOTI (Anyone Can Post On The Internet) that focused on a bunch of nutjobs babbling about how demons, aliens, and the Bible are all tied together? Well, the drought is over because this thread entitled “Aliens or Demonic Incarnations” is full some of the loopiest foofernacle and hooberjuble that I’ve ever seen. I hope enjoy their preposterous palaver as much as I did…

Here’s a question for the ages: do aliens steal your stuff when they’re abducting you?

porque Do Aliens steal? Hi everyone, I’ve been reading this board for a while and I only joined recently because I wanted to ask a question…Have there ever been reports of aliens stealing from abductees? I often wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and cannot fall back asleep; a couple of months ago for a while I had constant nosebleeds every day/night for about a week, then all at once they went away and I haven’t had one since…

But back to the point, the reason I pose this question is because recently I awoke in the middle of the night(for no reason) without the sheet on my bed, with the my heavy blanket sprawled on the ground. After asking everyone in my house and searching all over my room/house, I still can’t find it! Does anybody have any idea about what I should think?

This exchange was just too priceless to exclude…

Carvador Well, I think that demons could appear as aliens. I mean, how else could they appear besides as humans and influence you? If they appear as demons, you’ll know it. If as humans, they would have to spend a large amount of time with you, as it is quite often we come in to contact with other human beings, to have any affect on you. Perhaps as aliens they are able to get a cult following much easier, which is what they want: to deceive and corrupt us.

Spiderj: I can understand what you’re saying about demons turning into aliens because you would listen to an alien before you would trust a demon. but, why would they change into aliens.

Honestly, if one of those buggers made itself look like Jennifer Love Hewitt and appeared in my room and told me to do something, I probably would faster than I would listen to an alien.

If they can look like anything they want, why aliens?

I understand the cult thing, always easier to get people to worship something amazing. No one is going to come and listen to the teachings of Bob, but Bob the alien channeler has a shot, so I see your point.

But someone who believes in demons and aliens is also someone who believes in the possiblity of other things as well.

So why not appear as a Dragon or an elf or green man or even one of the power rangers.

If they’re demons why choose aliens as their form. WOuldn’t you be a lot less scared if (guys) an elf that looked like liv tyler or (ladies) orlando bloom appeared before your bed and said come with me I have important things to discuss with you.

Come on, that’s a lot more relaxing and awe invoking then a creepy little grey fella with scoliosis.

Here’s something they don’t cover in Sunday School…

Son of the lost maji: Yea i think aliens are demonic in nature, there always seems to be a connection between them and Marian appearances throughout the world. i dont trust them. accoriding to the mj12 doc’s they claimed they made Jesus by artificialy inseminating Mary. Many of the “gods” the ancients worshipped in the Old Testament, Beezelbub, Mammon, were reported by their followers to be actual beings from somewhere else. Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs has some info on this, 12th planet as well

Here’s another uh…interesting perspective…

Ycon: I agree with CommonSense. Aliens were created by fallen angels and demons possessed them. These many different alien species like greys, reptoids and the others, are all from the same source. There have been a few cases where religious people were abducted and either prayed or cast out the demons in the name of Jesus and they were able to get away. I believe some abductions are done by the military for many different reasons. Chip implants, experimentation, DNA/bloodlines.

What I don’t believe is that they were created in other worlds, they may have left earth at some point and are returning. Some have been here for a very long time.

Demons, dolls, and unknown things in holes? It sounds like a pretty good “B” movie to me…

marg6043: demonic incarnations. Thanks for the comment Commun sense. Now can this aliens or demons go into non living things like dolls? when my daughte was 6, one day she came running from her room screaming that her dolls were talking to her, she said that everytime she arranged the dolls one way they will be on another position the next, she refuse to sleep with them in the room and I had to remove them and put them away, she is 20 now and she still remembers that incident. Now the house was a very old military house and later I found out that most of the people around were having problems with their children too. a year later we move to another house on the same base and she never had another incident, I forgot to said my son use to have bad dreams in the same house, that it was a hole under his bed and someone was calling him from it he was 4 at the time?

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