Hawkins Vs. Corsi — Round 3

I’ve fired a third salvo at Jerome Corsi’s kooky series of articles that claims George Bush is going to, “dissolve the United States of America into the North American Union,” merge our currency into a US/Canadian/Mexican “Amero,”…and then there’s the road. I have never seen someone try to make the expansion of a highway into the centerpiece of a massive North American conspiracy before, but there’s a first time for everything.

Anyway, Corsi hasn’t responded to my latest batch of questions yet, but his wacky column today reads like an answer to number #3, about the highway (although I doubt if he saw it before he sent in the column). Here’s the latest alarmist tripe from Corsi (emphasis mine):

“Today, there are some 5,000 miles of interstate highway in the U.S. and the TxDOT is proposing a full build-out of the TTC network that will build some 4,000 miles of TTC Super-Highways in Texas over the next 50 years. The TTC project at full development will involve the removal of as much as 584,000 acres of productive Texas farm and ranchland from the tax rolls permanently, while displacing upwards of 1 million people from their current residences. The 11 separate corridors planned will permanently cut across some 1,200 Texas roads, with cross-over unlikely for much of the nearly quarter-mile corridor planned to be built. Our research shows that dozens of small towns in Texas will be virtually obliterated in the bath of the advancing TTC behemoth. Reviewing statistics such as these, we can see why NASCO might prefer a low profile, preferring to stay below the radar of public scrutiny.”

So now, Bush’s secret conspiracy to turn America into Mexi-meri-anada will take 50 years to be fully completed? What will that make Bush, 110? Maybe he’ll just be a brain in a tank by then sending telepathic signals that tell people to build more of those roads that terrify Jerome so much.

I feel like I’m debating someone over whether the moon is made of green cheese or not. Heck, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerome mentioned lizard people or the Illuminati in his next column. Really, I wouldn’t…

Update #1: Corsi has responded. He wrote 2000 words and still couldn’t answer a single question I asked. It’s a very weak response indeed…

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