Headline: “Ramadan Celebrated in Middle East Despite Concerns for Peace”

Ha! Just kidding. Here’s the actual headline:

Rosh Hashanah Celebrated in Israel Despite Concerns for Peace

Damn you, Jews, for celebrating your holy days despite all our concerns for peace!

Rosh Hashanah — the Jewish New Year — started at sunset Wednesday. According to this website, it’s one of the holiest days of the Jewish calendar. But they’re supposed to ignore it because we’re “concerned about peace?”

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Note to the media: people tend to pay more attention to God when they’re “concerned.”

Will Muslims ignore Eid ul-Fitr — the last day of Ramadan — for this concern? I doubt it. I’d be pretty floored, in fact, if they did. I’ve celebrated Christmas and Easter every single year even while we’ve been actively at war, and don’t seem to remember anyone suggesting that was odd.

Not that I’d have cared, probably, if anybody did. Except for blog fodder.

I know, I shouldn’t make too much of this. Headlines can be tricky things. We’ve all said and written things that, later, we realize weren’t quite right.


Cross posted at The TrogloPundit, where The Trog is glad he didn’t have to choose between religious duty and the NFL opener last night.

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