Here He Comes To Save The Day! Alan Keyes To The Rescue?

The guy responsible for the 2nd worst campaign of the 21st century (behind Katherine Harris) has decided to fail upwards and run for the presidency. That’s right; contain yourself, folks, because Alan Keyes is here to save us,

Alan Keyes filed a Statement of Candidacy (Form 2) with the Federal Election Commission–thus officially announcing as a Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Keyes told Janet Parshall, host of a nationally syndicated radio show, that he’s “unmoved” by the lack of moral courage shown by the other candidates, among whom he sees no standout who articulates the “key kernel of truth that must, with courage, be presented to our people.”

He added, “The one thing I’ve always been called to do is to raise the standard . . . of our allegiance to God and His authority that has been the foundation stone of our nation’s life”–and he decried the lack of “forthright, clear, and clarion declaration” from the other candidates concerning this issue.

Alan Keyes is a sharp guy, a decent guy, and an impressive speaker — but, he’s also living proof that not everyone is cut out to run for office and his jumping into the race at the last moment is nothing more than an attempt to get a few moments in the spotlight.

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