Here’s How We Should Be Handling Illegal Immigrants

by John Hawkins | December 29, 2003 10:22 pm

Although all the details haven’t been released yet, the new Bush administration immigration plan[1] sounds like a disaster in the making. Apparently the Bush administration intends to reward illegal immigrants for breaking the law by eventually giving amnesty to any criminal who manages to successfully sneak across our borders to look for work. The way that the American people are being sold out on this issue, among others, is so disgraceful that I almost wish Bush had a primary challenger just to force him to stop acting like such a RINO on domestic issues.

Were Bush serious about dealing with illegal immigration, let me give you an idea of about what he’d be doing…

We can get most illegal aliens to leave on their own if we…

— Levy LARGE fines on employers who hire illegals. Flagrant or repeat violators could face jail time. Vigorously enforce this law and this will take away the jobs illegal aliens are coming here to get.

— Allow illegal immigrants to receive no benefits or privileges other than emergency medical care. Cut off certain types of federal funding to states that provide services to illegals.

Then to get rid of the stragglers…

— Give the police the authority and the funding to lock-up illegal aliens until they can be deported.

— Make any illegal alien caught on US soil ineligible to ever become a citizen.

— Do not give citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

To discourage future problems with illegal aliens…

— Double our manpower on the US border and equip them with radar stations and predator drones. We can control our borders; it’s simply a matter of devoting the manpower and resources to the task.

— Set up a work program with Mexico. Allow Mexican citizens who have filled out their paperwork to get work permits and come to the United States & work in a controlled and legal manner.

While these steps wouldn’t solve our problems overnight, they would have a significant impact right off of the bat and within a few years, they would for the most part end illegal immigration to the US on a large scale. Too bad the Bush administration is more interested in scoring a few cheap points with business owners and Latino voters at the rest of America’s expense, or he’d be proposing something along these lines…

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