High Gas Prices Cause Parents To Murder Children

by Melissa Clouthier | June 23, 2008 1:14 pm

Murderous impulses abound these days. In Houston, children seem to be
particularly vulnerable to their parent’s frustration. It’s a new
phenomenon, really, child abuse, and the local government officials are
grasping for reasons what has so recently gone horribly wrong. The
Houston Chronicle’s Dane Schiller reports[1]:

word Saturday that yet another parent was implicated in an attack on
his children — police say he led them to the partially burned bodies —
there was a feeling that something is horribly wrong with some families
in the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

“Whether it is high
gas prices or people not happy with their jobs or whatever, we have got
a lot of anger and violence in our society, way too much, particularly
family violence,” Houston Councilman Peter Brown said.

Later, another expert gives his explanation:

Still, Klineberg said, they speak to growing stress for families, including the challenge of making ends meet.

“It is tough out there. People snap,” he said. “And when you have 6 million people, one or two are going to snap in a bad way.”

A few years ago, Andrea Yates drowned her kid[2]s in a bathtub. The gas prices were a moderate sub $2.00/gallon. Houston didn’t want for violence[3] in 2005 and gas prices were fantastic.

unemployment rate was higher in 2006 than it is now, so murders should
be lower now. And maybe they are. You won’t find this out from the
local press, though, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. And what is
the narrative? The economy is horrible. Life is horrible. Gas prices
are high, oil companies are bad and that’s horrible.

Oh wait, when looking at the numbers, though, murders were up in 2006, but it wasn’t unemployment, it was the fine folks from New Orleans[4]. As those yahoos got put in the clink, the murder rate declined[5] in 2007. And looky here[6]:

officials say that the City of Houston has recorded the fewest numbers
of murders for the first quarter of this year since 2005.

The unofficial numbers show 78 murders were recorded through the first
three months of this year.nThere were 88 murders for the same period in
2007. That’s an 11.3 percent decrease.

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt said the decline shows that the
department’s targeted crime initiatives and overtime programs
throughout the city are paying off. “While murders are nearly
impossible crimes to predict and prevent, we do feel our overtime
programs in place, including those officers assigned to our Crime
Reduction Unit, can impact crimes that could escalate to murder,” said
Chief Hurtt.

Wow, those are dramatic numbers
and not at all the impression one gets from reading something like Dan
Schiller put together. The notion that there are always going to be
nutso crazies killing their kids doesn’t occur to these people. What
occurs to them is that it’s politically expedient to exploit a child’s
horrific death at the hands of a parent and blame……the latest trend that excuses rotten behavior.

Whether it be Twinkies (really depression)[7] or oil[8] or the economy[9] or global warming[10] or fill-in-the-blank excuse, according to Leftists no one is responsible for his murderous impulses and it’s always worse Right Now! because it fits the latest trendy, alarmist call to action. It’s stupid. I hope no one is paying attention to them.

Oh wait, they’re not[11].

H/T Rorschach[12]

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