Hi-Ho Silver, Away — To Solve Global Warming!

Fear not, true believers, because the minions of the Goreacle have come up with another brilliant, new forward-thinking solution to the scourge of manmade global warming: horses! No, really, horses!

From The Independent,

The horse: Is this the secret weapon to beat global warming?

The French are mounting a transport revolution led by the humble horse, using it in more than 70 towns to pull schoolbuses and to collect refuse
By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

…More than 70 French towns have already gone back to the future by introducing horse-drawn carriages to replace petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles for local tasks such as collecting rubbish, street-cleaning and taking children to school. And at least 30 more are set to join the revolution next year.

The revival of horse-power is being pushed by the French National Stud — that’s not David Ginola or even President Nicolas Sarkozy, but an organisation set up four centuries ago by “the Sun King”, Louis XIV, to supply horses for his military campaigns.

Last week, it told France’s annual conference of mayors that gee-gees were “a serious alternative” to the gas-guzzler as municipalities seek to cut their emissions of carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming.

…Though studies have yet to be completed, promoters say the carriages are particularly good for the environment when used for work that involves lots of stops and starts over short distances.

Critics counter that the horse — which produces around 20 kilos of dung daily, enough to fill a suitcase — is hardly pollution-free. They point out that, before the advent of the car, environmentalists were seriously worried that a proliferation of horses would leave cities knee-deep in merde and that New York had grave difficulty in disposing of some 12,000 equine carcasses a year.

But Stephane de Veyrac of the National Stud was undaunted. “It’s about sustainable development and bringing some humanity back to today’s monotonous machine-driven jobs,” he said.”

So, horses are going to be our “secret weapon to beat global warming?”

If so, on the upside, a lot of little girls are going to be thrilled because they’re getting ponies for Christmas! On the downside, you’re going to have to build a barn, feed your transportation, and spend your week-ends shoveling horse crap — but, at least when Al Gore looks down on streets filled with horses while he’s criss-crossing the world in his private jet, it’ll put a little smile on his face.

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