Hillary Clinton Would Be An Unstoppable Juggernaught In 2008 — Well, If People Liked Her

by John Hawkins | April 18, 2007 3:39 pm

Even Rush Limbaugh[1]h is saying that there’s an 80% chance that Hillary is going to be elected in 2008, but no one seems to have told the American people how much they love her[2],

“In the latest (Gallup) poll, conducted April 13-15, 2007, more Americans say they have an unfavorable (52%) than a favorable view (45%) of Clinton. As recently as February, her favorable rating was 58%.”

As I’ve mentioned before, Hillary’s approval numbers are particularly significant since Americans already know her well.

It’s also worth noting that this is a poll of adults[3], not likely voters. That means that the spread between Hillary’s negative and positive numbers, which is 7 points in the current poll, would probably be 10-12 points or more if likely voters, who lean more to the right, were polled.

So, how good of a candidate is Hillary Clinton, really? Not so hot in my opinion…

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