Hillary’s Pitiful Crying

by John Hawkins | February 11, 2008 7:35 am

So, how many times is Hillary Clinton going to weep in public? More importantly, since when is an emotionally unstable person who cries at the drop of a hat[1] a good match for the single, most important and stressful job on earth?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared to well up again during a campaign stop this weekend, calling attention to the New York senator’s reasons to reach for the tissues.

Sunday, she replaced her campaign manager a day after being swept in three states by Sen. Barack Obama. The Clinton campaign had expected to lose those races, but some observers were taken aback by Obama’s considerable margins of victory

Saturday, Clinton was campaigning in Maine, where she was facing Obama in Sunday’s caucuses. According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, Clinton wiped away a tear during a question-and-answer session after an event when a disabled Marine home from Iraq told her that he barely made it to the event because of a “terrible” migraine.

The soldier continued, according to the newspaper, “But hearing you speak about my problems that will be alleviated as soon as you get elected has just made my day. Thank you.”

It was the third time Clinton has misted up on the campaign trail. Last week, she teared up during a stop at Yale University, and a month earlier, she came to the verge of tears in New Hampshire — a moment many believe gave her languishing candidacy a boost after her surprising rout in Iowa.

As bad the GOP has it on the presidential front, the Democrats have it even worse. They have a completely unqualified, unaccomplished empty suit duking it out with an underqualified, weeping willow who hasn’t accomplished a single thing on her own, without her husband’s help, in her entire adult life.

Good grief, can you imagine the Democrats in a national crisis like 9/11? Hillary would spend a couple of emotionally overwrought days crying her eyes out while Barack, one of the least qualified men in American history ever to hold the job, would give another empty speech about “hope” and “change” while his advisers held his hand and figured out what they were going to do.


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