How Are Ron Paul’s Supporters Handling The Fact That He’s Not Doing So Well?

by John Hawkins | January 16, 2008 10:01 am

It has been a while since I’ve checked out how the most enthusiastic people in politics, Ron Paul’s supporters, are taking the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t share their wild eyed excitement over Ron Paul.

So, I headed over to the Daily Paul[1].

The article at the top of the page[2] immediately struck me as a…uh, novel way to look at things,

Ron Paul: Second Biggest Winner in Michigan

Mitt Romney won the Michigan primary handily. So who were the other winners in Michigan? Can you say Ron Paul?

His 6% was in many ways bigger than the 10% he received in Iowa. It’s not just the percentage, but the vote count – well over 50,000 came out to support Ron Paul. Michigan is the 8th most populated state in the US.

From there, I went to the forums, where the topic threads included things like,

* The police and military are NOT our enemy
* No Recount in New Hampshire!
* Why don’t most Americans care about our country?
* The dollar will collapse. It appears most Americans are stupid.
* Going Third Party – The time is near
* LA Times Hasn’t Counted Ron Paul Out. (Great Analysis)
* Huckabee wins Iowa…McCain NH…Romney MI…Paul Nevada
* >>Ron Pauls SECRET PLAN to WIN!! So Simple!! You will be HAPPY!!
* URGENT – we must start thinking about peaceful resistance and plans in case bad goes to worse
* What will the rest of the primary be like if the ballots don’t match the machine totals?

It’s going to be scary over there after Super Tuesday, when reality really starts to set in for them.

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