How Can George Allen Get More Support From The Blogosphere? Here Are 5 Ways

Supposedly, after being stung by the macacca incident, George Allen is looking to hire a, conservative blog maven who can blunt future attacks and help rally conservatives in the state and elsewhere behind Allen’s campaign.”

Hey, wait a second: I’m a, “conservative blog maven,” so maybe I can help. Here’s the advice I would give to George Allen…

#1) Stop apologizing so much. You’re just keeping the story out in the media longer and since it’s August, they have nothing better to do than keep you in the teeth over it every day.

#2) Engage the blogosphere a little more to build up some good will. Having a teleconference or two would be a good way to start.

#3) Do some interviews with friendly bloggers like, yours truly, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, and Redstate.

#4) If there’s one sure way to get in the good graces of the blogosphere, it’s fighting pork. So, call up Tom Coburn and tell him you want to get publicly involved with the Porkbusters effort.

#5) This is going to sound crass, but buy a month long, fund raising ad across the conservative blogosphere. It’s not that much money for a campaign raking in millions in donations, you’ll make a lot (or maybe even all of it) back in donations, and the bloggers (along with their audiences) will appreciate it. Does it work? Bill Frist must think so or Volpac certainly wouldn’t have been making regular ad buys for months (PS: Did Bill Frist just get a positive mention out of it? I think he did!)

Getting on the good side of the conservative blogosphere really isn’t all that hard, especially for a guy like George Allen. If he just follows these five steps, over the course of the next few months, you’d see a much friendlier attitude towards George Allen amongst the rightroots on the net.

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