How many CIA analysts does it take to screw in a light bulb?

by TrogloPundit | November 5, 2011 11:25 am

I dunno the answer, but that headline was automatically sent to my twitter feed[1]. So I hope any CIA analysts reading it are enjoying the discussion amongst themselves[2]:

AP Exclusive: CIA following Twitter, Facebook

In an anonymous industrial park in Virginia, in an unassuming brick building, the CIA is following tweets – up to 5 million a day.

But not blogs? Well that kind of sucks. Sure, we here at The Trog aren’t exactly what you’d call subversive, but like the man said[3]: hits is hits. A hit from a secret government enclave in Virginia doesn’t look any different on my hit counter than a hit from anywhere else. And it’s not like the robot advertisers can tell.

Can they?

At the agency’s Open Source Center, a team known affectionately as the “vengeful librarians” also pores over Facebook, newspapers, TV news channels, local radio stations, Internet chat rooms – anything overseas that anyone can access and contribute to openly.

What? Only overseas? What the hell? Hey, I demand that the CIA keep track of my blog. I need the traffic!

What the hell am I paying taxes for if our so-called security forces aren’t sending traffic to my blog? I want Congressional action!

Occupy the CIA!

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