Howard Dean Supplies A New Motto For The Democratic Party

by John Hawkins | February 1, 2005 12:01 am

Clap, clap, clap…here’s to Howard Dean, the man who looks likely to be the Dem’s next party chairman. Dean deserves that applause for finally articulating a slogan that all Democrats can get behind, one that many of them already live by.

Yes, at the DNC’s Eastern Regional meeting Saturday, Dean uttered the magic words[1] that sum up today’s Democratic Party…

“I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for…”

Note that Dean doesn’t hate “Bush and everything he stands for,” he hates “Republicans and everything they stand for.”

Are you a Republican? Then Howard Dean hates you and everything you stand for. But don’t get angry, be glad that he’s being so truthful. A large percentage of liberals feel exactly the same way, they just won’t say so.

This is why many Democrats get so glum when there’s good news for the country that may simultaneously help the GOP, it’s why John Kerry had a campaign theme of “I served in Vietnam and I’m not George Bush,” it explains the Democrats unending obstructionism in Congress, and it’s why so many lefties will embrace vile people like Michael Moore, Maureen Dowd, and Ted Rall as long as they attack Republicans.

So, Howard Dean, thank you for saying what so many liberal Democrats really think. Hopefully, your honesty will be rewarded and you’ll become the next chairman of the Democratic Party. Then you can create a motto that lets people know what today’s Democratic Party really stands for…

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