Hush Little Baby, Don’t Say A Word, Mama’s Gonna Leave You In The Trash At Denny’s

by John Hawkins | July 17, 2007 8:43 am

There are certain almost incomprehensible stories that you see semi-regularly repeat in the news. For example, it’s a given that every few weeks you’re going to read about some crazy cat lady who has 50 cats, 40 dogs, 5 birds, and the whole lot of them are starving to death in knee deep feces in her trailer.

That, I can kind of understand. You get some lady who loves animals, just can’t say no, and she keeps taking animals in until she gets to the point where she just can’t take care of them all, but she still can’t say “no.” In other words, she thinks like a liberal and puts being “nice” above actually being able to take care of the animals and thus, causes a disaster.

However, stories like this one[1] also regularly reoccur and they don’t seem to be as easy to explain,

“A customer at an Anaheim Denny’s discovered a full-term newborn girl in the restaurant’s bathroom on Monday. Police interviewed a 17-year-old girl from Indiana they believe is the baby’s mother.

A call for “medical aid” went out from the restaurant, which is located at 1168 W. Katella Ave. around noon. The woman who found the baby was instructed by a dispatcher to take the baby out of the trash and ensure she was breathing, according to Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez.

…Authorities determined the baby was newborn and healthy, Martinez said.

…When police arrived at the Denny’s, they noticed a 17-year-old girl standing outside the restaurant with a tourist group from Indiana who was visiting Disneyland and stopped at the restaurant for lunch, Martinez said.

Though the teen denied giving birth, police had her examined at Western Medical Center, the sergeant said.

“We believe she gave birth and put the baby in the trash can and left the restaurant,” Martinez said.”

So, you’re a teenage girl who’s nine months pregnant, you walk into Denny’s, order some pancakes, start having contractions, you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, you squeeze the baby out in the stall, dump him in the trash, throw a couple of paper towels over his face, and then head back out to go to Disneyland.

What the hell?!?

I mean, I oppose abortion, but it’s legal and she didn’t go that route, which implies she has enough feeling for the baby not to kill it or at least has relatives that she has to answer to who feel that way. However, she also chose not to put the kid up for adoption, which definitely would have been doable.

Instead, she went back out to her tourist group and — come on, a lot of these people MUST have noticed a difference, right? She had just had a baby, so she must have looked a little different. Did she really think she would get away with popping out a kid in a Denny’s and just dropping him in the trash? Apparently she did.

Now I’m sure the answer behind the “why” question here is something akin to, “The girl involved is a mess, a disaster, a mental trainwreck and it’s not surprising she’d do something this stupid,” but still — I’d love to know the psychology that goes into taking your newborn infant and dropping him off in a Denny’s trash bin, toilet, or dumpster.

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