Hymen Re-Creation: An Act of Liberation or Oppression?

So, you’re a Western girl, which is to say, that you’re one of the 90%
of girls who isn’t a virgin when they get married. Only problem is that
you’re going to the altar with Mohammed, who lost his virginity a few
years back too, but against all logic, wants to have one of the 10% of
Western Muslim girls who is still a virgin (that number is probably
higher, this is for the sake of argument). He wants proof. He wants
blood. And the courts in France, when he doesn’t get what he wants on
the wedding night, he gets an annulment and the court gives it to him:

furor followed the revelation two weeks ago that a court in the
northern city of Lille had annulled the 2006 marriage of two French
Muslims after the groom discovered his bride was not the virgin she had
claimed to be.

The domestic saga has gripped the nation. The
bridegroom, an unidentified engineer in his 30s, left the nuptial bed
and announced to the still-partying wedding guests that his bride had
lied about her past. She was delivered that night to her parents’

The next day, he asked a lawyer to annul the
marriage. The bride, then a nursing student in her 20s, confessed the
truth to the court and agreed to an annulment.

In its ruling,
there was no mention of religion. Rather, it cited breach of contract,
concluding that he had married her after “she was presented to him as
single and chaste.”

No mention of religion, but it’s all
about religion: specifically the misogyny and lower-class status of
women in the Muslim religion. Her only value is sexual and as a uterus
willing to produce fruit from an unsullied garden. And of course,
should the woman be involved with a more strident believer, her very
life is at stake:

Surgeons who perform the procedure said they were empowering their patients by giving them a viable future and preventing them from being abused – or even killed – by their fathers or brothers.

am I to judge?” asked Marc Abecassis, the plastic surgeon who restored
the Montpellier student’s hymen. “I have colleagues in the United
States whose patients do this as a Valentine’s present to their
husbands. What I do is different. This is not for amusement. My patients don’t have a choice if they want to find serenity – and husbands.”

specialist in what he calls “intimate” surgery, including penile
enhancement, Abecassis says he performs two to four hymen restorations
a week.

So, Muslim women cannot stand for themselves and secular, French law won’t stand for them either.

is politically incorrect to say that the practitioners of Islam are
close-minded, double-standard wielding throw-backs. This, to me, is not
about extolling the benefits of virginity, which, I fully support. This
is about parity and freedom and equality for all people no matter their

This case highlights the fact that the European Muslims
don’t assimilate. They don’t participate fully in the culture (and in
France, there are many reasons for this). They are like welfare
sucking, violent Amish except they inhabit the cities. The backwardness is extreme even by Amish standards and yet Western elites, in
this century can, with a straight face, speak of liberating women by
recreating hymens.

The whole of Western culture is being oppressed to satisfy a Muslim man’s insecurity. I call bullshit.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier

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